Brown Hair Clips

Brown Hair Clips

Introducing "My Wig is Secure" hair clip, the ultimate solution for keeping your wig in place during activities and intimate moments. Say goodbye to wig slips and hello to confidence!

1) Before using the wig clip, open and close it several times to ensure flexibility.

2) Part hair down the middle and cornrow hair down to the ear on both sides or cornrow straight back. You can also place hair in a ponytail.

3) Place wig on. Pull the wig hair up on each side by the temple to place your first clip on each side. The bottom of the clip is placed underneath the cornrow. The top of the clip comes over the netting of the wig and snap close.

4) If the wig has a netting, make a slight cut through the wig stocking to place the clip underneath the cornrow. This will not damage the wig, but it will make it more secure.

$14.99 per pack (8 units)

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