Jacqueline Swain
CEO / Inventor

At 59 years old, she is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother who cherishes her family and friends dearly. Jacqueline has always had a keen eye for design and a love for decorating and hairstyling, which led her to pursue her interest in inventing innovative products that help people in their daily lives.

With her inventive mind, Jacqueline notice a gap in the market for a secure and reliable wig clip that could keep a person's wig in place during rigorous activities such as playing sports, jumping, flipping, and even during intimacy.

Jacqueline's wig clip is a game-changer for anyone who wears wigs and wants to mantain their hairpiece's stability and security, even during high-intensity activities. Her product has revolutionized the wig industry and has become a must-have for anyone who wears wigs regularly.            

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